Man lives in deeds not in years

Man lives in deeds not in years.  I am deeply related to The Daily Pen Bridge. I have been very closely related to the paper since the time of its birth. The man who have been relentlessly working day and night for the paper is its editor and publisher Md. Emdadul Haque. Though the paper is serving us. He have been working in the field of press for long 39 years. Many ones have become his follows but some of the are still now his compainions. And some ones have left him for their own necessity. But Emdad has made his long journey with this paper and still now is continuing it inspite  of a lot of hardships on the way. Our expectation, he will grasp the star of  the paper strongly on the days ahead. He will be able to us through his publishing true, accurate, and informative news.

At first the paper started its brave adventure as Weekly one. After wards, the paper was published as bi-weekly one. After weekly and bi-weekly, the Pen Bridge turned into The Daily Pen Bridge the matter of interest that ‘The Pen Bridge is the only Daily paper published in English among at least one dozen Daily papers in Brahmanbaria. This paper is playing an important role in practicing English among the young learners around the district.

I believe that English, at present, is more important than the past because we the inhabitants of global villages and living in the age of technology, where all the people have to take help of technology. In this case English is a must. The Pen Bridge is creating curiosity  in the mind of students to practice English.    

  The relation between the Pen Bridge and one Md. Emdadul Haque is not out of ourselves who are whole-heartedly its well-wishers. It is mentionable  that I myself is the president of “Peace for All” a social organization. And the Editor and Publisher of the paper Md. Emdadul Haque is general secretary.

 Md. Emdadul Haque who is enlightening people and society through his paper is very dearly person to all. There is a saying “ Man lives in deeds not in years “  at least I wish his sound health and long life along with better circulation of editor’s life long striving the Daily Pen Bridge .

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