Injurious impact of hydraulic horns in Brahmanbaria

Pollution is everywhere including Brahmanbaria also.  The octopus of pollution has engulfed so tightly us that we can-not come out of its various claws through our thousands of all out attempts. There are various types of pollutions we have to face such as ethical pollution, technological pollution, environmental  pollution and sea pollution. Among them, environmental pollution is directly paralyzing our daily life gradually.

Environmental pollution is caused by four specific pollution like (a) air pollution (b) water pollution (c) sound pollution and (d) odour pollution. The subject – matter of today’s discussion is sound  pollution. Now the question is ‘What is sound pollution?’ when the dimension of noise exceeds the limit of 30/45decibel it is called sound pollution. In other words if noise seems to be unpleasant to the hearing organs, this noise may be called sound pollution.

With technological development, variety of  its use is noticeable. In the same scenery is observed in the case of vehicles.

Hydraulic horn used in vehicles is one of the sources of sound pollution. To my knowledge, the use of hydraulic /electronic horns is not licensed in vehicles running on the highways. But now a days what is seen?  Not considering about public health, on the face of authority concerned the use of hydraulic horns is going unabated in all kinds of transports and vehicles including auto-rickshaws and motor run rickshaws irrespectively in towns and villages. As a result commuters have to face sound pollution all the time. Which is very injurious to their hearing organs. On the other hand, the peaceful movement of passengers and pedestrians is badly hampered.

 Besides this, facing continuous sound pollution may damage the capacity of hearing organs, ability of the thought partially or totally.

The most important members of the society are children. They are the future human resources of a nation.

 But the hygienic flourishment of their brain is slowly being impeded due to increasing sound pollution. And hydraulic horns can damage the human organs specially the hearing organ.

 Random use of microphones for various publicity is also hampering our normal life. Patients, children and old people remain helpless amidst the nuisance of sound  pollution.

  Besides, our student community specially during their examination period face huge disturbance to continue their attentive study for various sounds and noises created by some selfish groups of people who do not feel others’ needs and un-needs.

Now it is vivid that sound pollution made by hydraulic horns/microphones is very dangerous and irritating to all classes of people. So to escape from intolerable sound pollution, commoners expect that the authority concerned must take necessary step to prevent sound pollution as per the prevailing traffic laws in the country.

In addition there is a Supreme Court verdict against the use of hydraulic horns in far reaching vehicles on the high ways. Where the court has prohibited the use of hydraulic horns in four wheel running  larger transports how the three wheel running locals vehicles use such kind of unhealthy injurious to hearing organs in front of the figures on duty.

It is the obvious violation of traffic rules and regulations. Now the expectation of sufferers is that the authority concerned should come forward to stopping the use of hydraulic horns in the three wheel running vehicles to save them from terrible sound pollution.

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